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Karachi High Court
Lahore High Court Peshawer High Court
Chief Court Gilgit Quetta High Court
  Privy Council. Baghdad Ul Jadid.
  Dhaka High Court. Federal Court of Pakistan.
  Sindh Chief Court. House of Lords.
  Chancery Division.  
 Shariat Courts
  Federal Sharial Court. Shariat Court Azad Kashmir
 Azad Kashmir Courts
High Court Azad Kashmir. Supreme Court Azad Kashmir.  
Bar Councils
Bar Council Pakistan. Bar Council Punjab.
Bar Council Sindh. Bar Council N.W.F.P.
Board of Revenue
Centeral Board of Revenue. W.P. Board of Revenue.
Board of Revenue Punjab. Board of Revenue N.-W.F.P.
Board of Revenue Sindh.      
Anti-Terrorism Courts
Appellate Tribunal Anti-Terrorism Azad Kashmir.
Appellate Tribunal Anti-Terrorism Balochistan.
Appellate Tribunal Anti-Terrorism Sindh.
Appellate Tribunal Anti-Terrorism Punjab.
Election Tribunals
Election Commission of Paskistan. Election Tribunal Balochistan.
Election Tribunal Punjab. Election Tribunal of Pakistan.
Election Tribunal N.-W.F.P. Election Tribunal Sindh.
Income Tax Decisions of Foreign Courts
Supreme Court Cyprus. Supreme Court India.
Supreme Court U.S.A.
Special Courts
Special Appellate Court (Custom) Peshawar.
Special Appellate Court (Custom) Karachi.
Special Court (Offences in Banks) Lahore.
Special Court (Offences in Banks) Karachi.
Special Court (Terrorist Activities) Karachi.
Special Court (Speedy Trials) Lahore.
Special Court (Speedy Trials) Multan.
Special Appellate Court Sindh.
Indian Courts
Allahabad High Court India. Andhra Pradesh High Court India.
Assam & Nagaland High Court Bombay High Court India.
Chandigarh High Court India. Calcutta High Court India.
Gauhati High Court India. Delhi High Court India.
Himachal Pradesh High Court. Gujarat High Court India.
Kerala High Court  India.  Karnataka High Court India.
Madras High Court India. Madhya Pradesh High Court India.
Orissa High Court India. Mysore High Court India.
Punjab & Haryana High Court. Patna High Court India.
Rajasthan High Court India. Jammu & Kahsmir High Court
Miscellaneous Courts
Monopoly Controle Authority Federal Tax Ombudsman
Appellate Bench S.E.C.P Custodian Lahore
Custodian of Evacuee Property Sindh
Court of Appeal
Supreme Judicial Council
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